Welcome to CanTeen Connect!Here it is, your very own brand new community built specifically for young people impacted by cancer. Shiny isn't it? And once you join, everything will be filtered specifically for your experience, whether it's other people, discussions, blogs or information. So what are you waiting for, dive in!
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Introduce yourself
Welcome to CanTeen Connect! No-one knows more about what dealing with cancer is like than someone who's been there and done it. So it'd be great if you could tell us a bit about you and your experiences...
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NEXT WEEK! Join us! Online Sibling Groups: Tue 10th + Thurs 12th Dec
Did you join Canteen because your sibling has been diagnosed with and/or experienced cancer? Read on to find out about a session we are running next week that you can join from the COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME?! So why are we doing this online drop in? don't...
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The best movie to watch on a 'sick day' is...
Hey Connect champions, just a short and sharp discussion starter today... What's your go-to 'sick-day' movie? You know, that one you watch over and over when you're unwell, tired, overwhelmed etc, and it makes you feel comfy? Maybe it's changed over teen...
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