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Favourite musical moments??
Tyler, The Creator just won a grammy! I'm about to release my debut album! Music is everything to me, so im curious what it is to you? Does anyone have some favourite genres, artists, bands, some concert stories, or just some moments that have been by...
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Hey there! So school huh? This is my first year of school without my dad by my side and I am sort of nervous (??) about how it's going to go. So y'know if you guys have some tips on surviving school and staying organised and all that j...
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Getting crafty
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My dog is modelling ❤️
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Hey everyone What kind of sport do you play or have a interest?
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What GIF describes how you are feeling RIGHT NOW ?
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Name our program
Hey crew! We're are trying to name our new Adventure Program... 3 days in the wilderness - what would you call it?! Cheeeeerrrsssss :)
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Digital Bunch
hi, i was wondering if anyone else is interested in doing a chat about friends with cancer again?
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Gamer Chat
G'day Canteeners, Video Games can be a great escape and way to unwind from what's going on in the real world, so thought I'd start a thread for all things gaming chat. Feel free to post about everything gaming related; hype about games, memories of with...
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Connect With Us on the 25th: what are you up to?
Hey crew... as we approach the 25th December, it can be a pretty weird/lonely/confusing/comedic/dark/uncomfortable/quiet/loud/everything/nothing kinda time. So let's chat here today, no matter what you're up to... connect with your Canteen fam here! Tell...
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Any musicians in here?
Hi all, I’ve always had music around me during treatment thanks to guitar hero and singstar but I didn’t really pick up an instrument til 4 years after being diagnosed with Brain Cancer. I don’t know what made me choose this instrument? It might be I it...
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Help finish my Summer playlist
Summer officially starts tomorrow and I haven't finished making my playlist. Help me out and drop some suggestions down below
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Telling people: bad reactions
Every time somebody sees my mum, I have to explain about her cancer. it always goes something along the lines of ‘why does your mum have a cancer hat?’, ‘why is she bald ?’ Or just straight up ‘ does your mum have cancer ?’ Followed by either pity,...
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I wish this website had an app!
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Who are you? and Where are you from?
Hey everyone, So I am a 22yr old form Southeast Queensland. I love all things arts and crafts. I presently work for a Media company as a Marketing and Communications Assistant. I love to travel and I have a pet Guinie-pig. SO what about you; Who are you?...
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Favourite YouTube channels?
Hi all, What YouTube channels (or types of videos) do you love for a laugh, a time to relax, learn something new, get distracted? Share below!
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Travel Scavenger Hunt :: ACT Explore Camp x CanTeenConnect.org.au
Hi everyone! I’m Cara, one of the online counsellors here at Connect. This discussion thread is just for the awesome u18s travelling to ACT Explore camp today (Tuesday 1st October). We know some of you are enduring a very long bus ride! SOOOO… we’re a...
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Food we Hate
Hey guys! Just curious. Does anyone else hate the food they were given when your family member/you were sick? Like we were given banana choc muffins and lasagne and I can't bear to eat it anymore. Did you have this experience? What is your hate food?
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Computer / PC building
I'm new to this increasingly expanding hobby of custom PC building, I'd like to share that journey while collaborating by reading and replying to your comments. I'd also be happy to talk about tech news, tech topics and see your own interests from train...
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Global Climate Strike
Hey CanTeen crew! Tomorrow, millions of people will walk together on the streets and demand an end to the age of fossil fuels. "Our house is on fire — let’s act like it. We demand climate justice for everyone." Will anyone be going tomorrow? Is this to...