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Hospital Life... what do you pack?
Hey legends, Cara from the online team here... posting again on a Friday :) I've been having some convos lately about hospitals, and the weird-alien-land they sometimes feel like. Interesting smells, cafeteria food, waiting rooms with uncomfy, angular in...
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Whats your number 1 piece of advice you'd give someone going through or has gone through their cancer experience
Basically the title. Inspired by a chat with a few people who've all been through the cancer journey as survivors we were wondering whats a piece of advice you would give to someone about life after or during?
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what's your go to meal when cooking is the last thing you feel like doing
Hey guys! I wanted to make this blog post to be either Cancer related or not. since my mum passed away I do all the cooking in my house, not that I mind, in fact I love cooking! Sometimes, it does become a bit of a chore especially when...
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Help us find an app name!
Hi everyone, CanTeen is working on an app that will enable young cancer patients to record meetings with their oncologists and other health professionals. The app will also have suggested questions you might want to ask as well as the ability to add of...
Caitie Gutierrez
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Ways to make holiday celebrations accessible to people with illness/disability
Here is a great article about how we can make our holiday celebrations more accessible: https://bit.ly/2RZvEh0 How do you handle illness or disability during the festive season?
Dan CanTeen
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Delicious dinners
Ok, I'll kick things off with my delicious tomato soup with melted bocconcini! This is a dish that I use to impress people all the time and fool them into thinking I am a great cook, but the jokes on them, because this meal is not only super easy,...
Dan CanTeen
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So I've committed to doing exercise every day in April (We've called it Aprilcise, obvs!) and I wanted to you know what you do to get moving? All fitness levels welcome (mine is veerrrrryyy low, after all!) ;)
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We all know they created this forum for us to discuss potatoes more in depth ;) Since it's a recipe forum I'll share my favourite easy potatoes method/recipe that I shared in another forum Just dice some potatoes up into little 1cm squared cubes, fry on...