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Being scared
Hi everyone this is my first discussion. My dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer just over a week now. It in the late stages which has started to shut down his liver.I know when dad had been diagnosed with COPD in 2009 and only to be given 3 months...
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my mums cancer
mums just gotten her fourth cancer, i’m losing hope
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Mum/Dad has cancer
My Dad has cancer
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school work tips
hi guys, im new to Canteen. my dad has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer and im finding it hard to concentrate on school work and i keep distancing myself from 'friends'. this is affecting me at school a lot and my grades have slipped more then i...
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My dad has cancer
Hi my name is Emily and my dad is diagnosed with cancer , just a few days ago, I was told that his cancer can't be cured and that he may have 2 years left. The support from my friends has been great but thay don't understand what I'm...
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Come make friends
Hey I’m tianna. I’m new to canteen, actually I only signed up today. I’m 18 and my mum has been diagnosed with grad 2/3 breast cancer. Nice to meet you
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Life so far
Hi everyone, My nickname is lucylou but my real name is Lucy. I'm in year 12 this year. Near the end of November, 2016 when I was 14 years old my mum had a pain in her arm and a lump. She decided to go to the doctors for...
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Dad is unwell again, brings back pessimistic thoughts
Dad has been in remission for a few years, and his lymphedema was under control and not causing him any issues in day to day life. I think I'd gotten comfortable in not worrying anymore about my parent's health and took it for granted. In the last week...
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Visable impact of cancer
Hi I’m 23, my dad was diagnosed with bowel and liver cancer last year. He’s undergone intensive chemo and then just had maintenance chemo for the last 6 months, but we have just found out that that hasn’t been working anymore and now he’s started strong...
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Struggles of my life #canrelate
Hey fam where do i even start... honestly just need to rant and not many people in my life truly understand what i'm talking about so this seemed like the best place. This year my dad has been diagnosed with a grade 4 brain tumour (Gliobstoma i think...
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My special mum
On the 2nd of February I found out the worst news ever, that my special Mum had been diagnosed with breast cancer. My whole family were so upset and it really impacted everyone's emotions. Her journey started pretty quickly, she had heaps of biopsy's and...
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My Dad Had 3 Weeks To Live!!! Now It Has Been 11 Months!
Hello, my name is Luke and I am new to CanTeen, I joined on the 18th of March, but I had more important things to finish. I found out that my dad had cancer around mid-June last year, my dad had gotten some pains while he was at work...
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My mum has uncureable brain cancer
Hi. I'm new to CanTeen but i thought i should give it a try. My mum has a brain tumor. When she seemed to get better, i got more happy. But of course, we got bad news. She is going to die between 2-5 years. I have had several...
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My mum found out she was terminal in 2016, my brother, sister and myself only found out last November, 2017. Its been really tough because my friends don't care and nothings going good. I wish Mum was okay and not terminal
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Life changes quickly
It was a normal Monday. I had a friend coming over after school to finish an assignment for school. I though that the day seemed odd because both of my parents where home early and at the same time. This was unusual but i didn't think anything of it....
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Both my parents have cancer at the same time.
Hi there, I guess I will begin by saying I am 20 years old but I definitely don't feel or act like a 'normal' 20 year old. This year my life has completely turned upside down, and yes the title is true, my beautiful mum and wonderful step-father both...
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How cancer has effected me
My Dad was diagnosed with cancer three months ago and it was horrible. My parents had concerns for his health for a while, but I had no idea they were so worried until they were telling a family member about their concerns. From that moment until my...
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It's All Happened So Fast: I Think My Dad is Dying.
Hi, I guess I should introduce myself? I'm Siobhan (sheh-von~please no si-o-ba-han) and I'm 17. I've always struggled with severe depression and anxiety, in fact I finished year 10 through distance education. This year was supposed to be brilliant. I was...
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Third time round.
Hey guys, Taylah here. I've only just started at Canteen (around a month now) I'm 19, from Tassie, and my mum has had breast cancer three times (the most recent being in January/ February this year). I hadn't been born when mum had her first cancer the...
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My mum's story
Hey guys, my name is Zayne, I'm 17 from the Gold Coast. My mum is 34 and in October 2015 she was diagnosed with sarcoma tumour. In February of 2015 she started getting really bad stomach pains so her doctors and the hospital were monitoring it and came...