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Getting Thru Father's Day 2019: join us in coping, remembering, connecting
Hey crew, Cara here - I'm one of the online counsellors here at CanTeen. It's the week leading up to Father's Day - which can be So. So. Hard. when your Dad died from cancer (or a carer/family member/grandfather who was a father to you). Whether your was...
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I haven't noticed she's gone
It's been 4 years since my mum has passed away, and the thought of her being gone still hasn't sunk in. I know she's gone, but I don't feel like anything is missing. I've lived everyday of my life after her death, like how I normally would. The day...
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Mum's That have died of Cancer Chat
Hi guys I'm Tarni and My mum passed away on the 14/2/17 it feels like it was only Yesterday but it obviously wasn't mum was diagnosed with brain cancer on the 28/3/16 and had brain surgery to remove her tumor when mum died she donated her brain to the...
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The second round of mum having breast cancer
This year I had to go through my mum having cancer. Okay so I will go from the start when I found out my mum had cancer again It was Feb/march this year. Before this me, mum and dad thought that it was just bruising in the areas, so...
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Struggling without my mum.
Does anyone have an tips for doing financial and legal things without a parent helping you?
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How you coped with the loss of a parent.
ive just lost my mother over a week ago and had the funeral 3 days ago and honestly i dont know what to do. I am trying to be happy but when I do I feel guilty. To those who have lost a parent how did you cope the...
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My sister
I'm new to this and haven't spoken to anyone properly about what's been going on. She was 17. She'd always been the pretty one with long blonde hair and blue eyes, tall and slim, very conveniently attractive but she was such a weird kid. Not many friends...
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When sleeping is deadly
My mother passed away in her sleep at 3 am, it was hard and I didn't know how to react to the fact that the person who I took care of like they were my child died with out me saying how much I love them. Yes when I...
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I lost my mum to cancer
hi, i lost my mum about a month ago to gallbladder cancer. She was my best friend and the person I always went to with everything. I miss her so much, but I am happy she isn’t in pain anymore. I have good and bad days but adjusting is...
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Changes in grief
Hi guys, My name is Monica, and my dad’s four year anniversary is coming up. I feel very different to the way I have felt previously, I remember this time last year I was in a place where my only thoughts were about this experience. This time I feel...
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my dad had passed away with pancreatic cancer
life was going so smooth, my dad had retired and we had spent. a lot of tie together laughing and joking around. after a while we had opened a bakery, at first the business was very quiet but with my dads friendly attitude and generosity we became very...
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my dads 6 month journey
Hi my name is jerry I'm 14,my dad was diagnosed with 4-5th stage pancreatic cancer 6 months ago.It was the biggest shock of my life and I didn't known how to cope. I started to get mixed up with gangs and violence not knowing that was the main reason....
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Two and half years later
So it been two and half years later after she died and its so hard, now I'm in my last year of high school and I'm a total wrack, and I would love for people to talk to :(
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Losing my best friend, father and rock.
I lost my father one month ago, and haven't been able to feel the same without him here by my side. He was my best friend, shoulder to cry on and we leaned onto each other for support. I only had my father in my life for the past...
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See you soon, not goodbye!
I'm Dylan and I'm 16 years from Australia, about 4 years ago my dad had a stroke. I was glad he had a stroke because they discovered he had Cancer. He first had stomach cancer, then lung now he had it in the ascophicas. For the last 6 weeks...
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My Special Mum's Journey with Brain cancer
In April 2016 my very special Mum was diagnosed with Brain Cancer. She had a massive Seizure or Epileptic Fit and was rushed to the John Hunter Hospital. The following day she had a Frontal Craniotomy( brain surgery) to remove the tumour. 5 Days later...
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My Dad
My dad got diagnosed with a kidney tumour 6 months ago he went into surgery and removed it all. Just under a month ago he got diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away only a few days later (15/09/16) on my mums birthday and one of my sisters wedding...
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The tragic hour
When I was in year 3 my dad got CUP cancer witch is cancer of an Un known primary but my mum didn't even tell me until the last day of term 2. I got such a shock I didn't even eat. When I was in year 5 my...
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How do deal with losing my mum
hey guys, so last year my mum lose her battle and i could really use with some help , i really dont know how to deal with it will thank you Angel
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Back in 2014
Hi everyone, I'm Felicia and I turned 15 at the beginning of this year, I've been a member of Canteen for around a year maybe just over :) I've met heaps of great people and heard many amazing stories so I thought, since I'm new to the website, I...