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Cancer and Tattoos... share you ink (or your inky plans)
Hey crew, Cara here from the Online team... happy Friday! So a lil while back in Newcastle NSW, we had an exhibition at one of our hospitals (organised by the Youth Cancer Service), showcasing some of the tattoos young people had done to signify their up...
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Cancer sucks
I have found out 2 days ago that my dad has 18 months left, due to lung cancer. I’m so overwhelmed and sad!
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Jersey Name
Hey guys, My name is Jordan and i just go diagnosed with ovarian cancer, which is scary but im trying to stay on the positive side of things so i wanted to make my year 12 jersey name something cancer related but can't think of anything! does anyone have...
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A Few Suggestions from Someone With Lived Experience
Hey all! My name is Nogol. I am one of the Psychosocial Support Workers at CanTeen 😊 I came across an article this morning (see link below) that may be relevant to what some of you may be experiencing and wanted to share it with you all. The author,...
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Best canteen mem!
Kia Ora whanau some of my fave canteen memories have been our Christmas parties! It’s always nice getting everyone together to have a good yarn about the year finished and of course have a good barbie by Rose
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Most fantabulous moment of NLF'19!? #YEET
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Getting Cancer Young - YouTube channel
Hi everyone, Just wanted to share this amazing YouTube channel full of CanTeen and YCS-made videos from both young people who have been on their own cancer journey or medical experts who work specifically with young cancer patients. There are literally...
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Playlists to pass time!
Cancer journeys are- a lot of the time- spent passing time. Whether this be waiting in hospital, or having treatment - the waiting game is definitely real (and boring)! Here a few Spotify playlists I’ve found that help make waiting a little bit easier. -...
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I've just finished my second chemo regime after relapsing 6 months ago..part of me is reigning in the excitement until I get the all clear from my drs. I've been getting migrains which I think are linked to the stress of not knowing and I've been having...