Travel Scavenger Hunt :: ACT Explore Camp x


Hi everyone! I’m Cara, one of the online counsellors here at Connect. This discussion thread is just for the awesome u18s travelling to ACT Explore camp today (Tuesday 1st October). We know some of you are enduring a very long bus ride!

SOOOO… we’re hosting a photo Scavenger Hunt here on Connect! @Sam-CanTeen, one of the staff from H&N who is attending camp, will tally your results and announce the winner here tonight!


*First username that replies with a picture or a solution for each individual challenge in the thread below will be allocated the points :)

*One reply per challenge (this helps us with tallying)

*No photos of the general public, only yourself or young people attending camp (and with their consent). Any breaches of this will result in deduction of points

*Your safety is most important at all times. Please don’t put yourself at risk for a photo.

*You have until you arrive physically at the campsite to submit!


And your time starts… NOW! Good luck! :)


1 Point: GIFs

Post a GIF with the following in it:

·        A Muppet

·        A Celebrity Chef

·        A Character from a Netflix Show

·        Someone who lives in a pineapple under the sea

·        An endangered animal

·        An Australian musician


3 points: Selfies and Pictures

·        Selfie with something that smells good

·        Selfie with something that starts with “A”

·        Picture: something that bounces but isn’t a ball

·        Selfie: Act as if you are scared that a meteor is approaching the earth and take a picture (MUST be taken with another camper/staff/vol in the pic)

·        Picture: Act as if you are eating something sour

·        Picture: Find another camper/staff/vol who can cross their eyes

·        Picture: a real-life animal

·        Picture: Find 2 other campers/staff/vols and spell a word with your bodies

·        Selfie: with something that begins with the letter “Z”

·        Picture: Find a sign, and with another camper/staff/vol, do exactly what is says


5 Points: Location Location Location (remember, no pics with the public in them!)

·        A picture of you with a train station sign

·        A picture of you with a plane at an airport

·        A picture of you picking up a piece of rubbish at a roadside rest-stop

·        A picture of you plus a camper/staff/vol posing as a tree, under a tree

·        A picture of a Giant Marino Sheep

·        A picture of a Maccas sign

·        A picture of a coffee cup

·        A picture of a road sign with the word Canberra on it

·        A picture of a road sign with the word Sydney on it

·        A picture of a road sign with the word YASS on it

·        A picture of the NSW/ACT border

7 points: Post a Website Link to…

·        The webpage where you can download all the Information Resources/books CanTeen has created for young people

·        The CanTeen New Zealand website

·        A dinner recipe for 4 people that you can make in under 20 minutes

·        The website where you register to be on the Australian Electoral (voting) Roll

·        A YouTube video made by CanTeen

·        A how-to video for changing a tyre

·        A website that names all 5 new sports at the 2020 Olympic Games

·        An app called WorryTime


10 points: Riddles

·        Riddle One: What can travel around the world while staying in a corner?

·        Riddle Two: I'm tall when I'm young and I'm short when I'm old. What am I?

·        Riddle Three: What has a head and a tail, but no body?


20 bonus points available for everyone who completes the following…                         

·        Create an acrostic poem using the word “EXPLORE”, about what you think next 3 days will be like!


Eggs for breakfast

Xylophone lessons

People laughing

Lots of silly fun timez

Orange juice

Really cool people

Explore Camp 2019 

Get posting! :)