The second round of mum having breast cancer


This year I had to go through my mum having cancer. Okay so I will go from the start when I found out my mum had cancer again It was Feb/march this year. Before this me, mum and dad thought that it was just bruising in the areas, so usual mum she would take pain killers and put deep heat on the areas she had the pain.

But it was only when me and my dad found out that she had breast cancer again me and my dad help as much as we could. I would give mum her medication when she needed it and dad helped with the food and other things mum needed.

But the thing was that I had a feeling that mum wouldn't last long and I was right because the way I knew she was going is when she had to go into the hospital for the first time and the thing that pissed me off first was when I told one of my classmates about my mum, the stuffed up thing he said is "I hope everything gets better and If she dies I will see u after a year which wasn't called for". But getting to the point my mum's second time in the hospital was the sign that my mum was on death row because 1 week into mum being in the palliative care dad took us into my mum's room and told us she had weeks, then it was days and then the moment where I couldn't handle the news when I was told my mum had hours so the next day I slept in my mum's hospital room and had to watch mum pass slowly. My mum passed on May the 3rd at 5:45am and it has been 7 months since my mum died. I wish my mum could have been around for my 16th birthday in June.

-Daniel, 16