My story

Age sensitive

Hi, I am Emma.

i have been a CanTeen member for a year and a bit, 12 years after I was diagnosed in 2007 with Medulloblastoma ( Brain Cancer). Prior to my diagnosis I was 7 years old and was doing well at school, had a supportive group of friends and just joined my first sporting club. That was until I received a funny blue vein on my eye lid, concerned my Mum took me to the Doctor, but they didn’t think much of it and maybe thought I was hit by a ball. Life continued the same and that’s when I started to receive some random side effects like loss of balance, shortness of breath and painful headaches. I was then taken back to the doctors for another check. This is when I was sent to a specialist, here I was further examined as a result I was sent for an MRI scan. Prior to my scan I was scared of what was going to happen. The night of the MRI scan, I was there with my Mum, Dad and Brother who was 9 at the time. It wasn’t long after my scan that it stopped. I was ask to wait In a waiting room with my family. This was the point when I knew something wasn’t right, the doctors called us in and that’s when the news broke. My parents were in tears and I knew it was bad, I maybe didn’t understand much at the time but it was bad. I was then transferred to the Children’s hospital where I stayed for two weeks after receiving surgery. I am grateful they were able to remove all the Tumour, but unfortunately i still needed further treatment. Radio and Chemo Therapy killed the cancer cells but left me with a few side effects one being that it caused weakness in my legs. I was wheelchair bound for a year and a half but with intensive physiotherapy I was able to progress to a walking frame, walking stick and now the goal of walking I dependently. I had to learn how to pick up general objects such as a glass of water, but I managed to regain my strength through intensive therapy. I am 12 years in remission and doing great I haven’t been able to play any physical sport for years but I hope to get there one day. Entering the darkest tunnel and not knowing what to expect was the most scariest experience I have ever had to go through so far in my life. But I am happy to say I made it - stronger than ever 😊