Life so far


Hi everyone,

My nickname is lucylou but my real name is Lucy. I'm in year 12 this year. Near the end of November, 2016 when I was 14 years old my mum had a pain in her arm and a lump. She decided to go to the doctors for it and they decided to give her an ultra sound on her arm. The lump was just fatty tissue but they noticed something weird in the bone. The doctors decided to investigate by going through further testing and a biopsy . About 3 weeks after all this we found out it was breast cancer stage 4. This cancer had spread to her pelvis, spine, arm and sternum. There is also other tiny amounts in her lungs. 5 days before Christmas she had gone for an operation on her arm because of how aggressive it is. I know other people have got it worse than me but i needed to share my story cause of how alone I felt and also I need to get it out and talk about it. If anyone wants to talk I am more than happy to talk. I am also happy to share my other family member's cancer stories because sadly in 2016-present my mum isn't the only family member who has/got cancer.

Thanks,                                                                                                                                                                                        Lucylou