How can I cope with losing a parent?


If you wish not to read the backstory skip to the title "So how do i cope?"

also i am sorry if i have posted this in the wrong place?

About my dad's cancer

About a month ago now my father was diagnosed with a brain tumour. He underwent surgery 2 weeks ago and just last Wednesday we found out he had stage 4 brain cancer.

At first we we're told he would have 4-14 months. just yesterday after an appointment we have been told he has only a few weeks without treatments, but hopefully with treatments (and if they work) we can get him to 3-6 months.

the kind he has is very rare and we have been told there is no chance.

My relationship with dad

My father has been my best friend, he has helped me with all my mental and physical problems and i don't think i will be here without him. My mother left early this year and we had a toxic relationship, so dad is all i have. (i do have 4 brothers 2 i live with but we arent that close)

So how can i cope?

I know it won't be easy and no one can get over it.. but does anyone have tips and tricks to help the day get better?

I have only a few friends, and am now the legal career of my 15 year old brother, I do most the house work and everything but as much as i love my home and know this is the place dad deserves I am unsure if i can continue to live here after.. I have a 20 year old brother who i do not have a good relationship with, he does not help around the house but i am also worried about how he will cope along with my younger brother?

How can I help them without pushing all my needs aside?

Thank you everyone x