Happy Turkey Day (Thanksgiving) & Gratitude


Hi all,

So I'm normally a bit of a scrooge for American traditions...I'm not really into Halloween, I have no plans to put up an elf-on-a-shelf, but Thanksgiving I don't mind so much.

I don't know anything really about the history behind Thanksgiving, but I do know that finding things to be thankful for (gratitude) can help balance out other things (like...say...CANCER) that might bring us down.

But is it okay to ask people with cancer in their lives to be grateful for something?

...and if it is, what are you grateful for?

We're giving Thanksgiving a go here at Hunter & Northern, and though there may not be a turkey, or pumpkin pie, or gridiron on the TV (that's a thing right?), there's a few things and people we're thankful for.