Any musicians in here?


Hi all,

I’ve always had music around me during treatment thanks to guitar hero and singstar but I didn’t really pick up an instrument til 4 years after being diagnosed with Brain Cancer. I don’t know what made me choose this instrument? It might be I played it earlier at choir class or my dad used to play it but the instrument I chose was the loudest instrument to play and that was drums. Pretty great choice when you wear hearing aids as well haha.

8 years later after choosing drums and to be honest it is probably the best decision I’ve ever made post treatment. Thanks to this, I got into a lot of cool rock bands like Kiss, Guns N Roses, Led Zeppelin, Motley Crüe, AC/DC and lot of other rock/metal bands. From these bands and learning drums from my drum tutor, I decided to not only study music but I also have a career in music with my Glam Rock band, Antidote. Check us out on Facebook/Instagram and if you live in Perth, Australia and over 18 come check us out. I’ll love to meet the other cancer survivors out there who are into music as much as me.

I’ll love to see who else in this chat took a role in music or plays an instrument because music gave me a second chance and I want to know it is the same for another else because I’m definitely sure I’m not the only one who thinks this?