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Introduce yourself
Welcome to CanTeen Connect! No-one knows more about what dealing with cancer is like than someone who's been there and done it. So it'd be great if you could tell us a bit about you and your experiences...
Tomorrow's Operation
Tomorrow i have to go to school like any normal school kid but i dont know how im going to focus all day because i know that while i'm at school (kinda trying to learn) my mum is going to be having an operation to remove her breast cancer...
I've been told I have a cancer relapse and I am so overwhelmed with emotions. I'm devastated, I'm angry, I'm terrified... I feel like I just got everything in my life back on track again only to have it taken away from me again. The worst is I feel...
school work tips
hi guys, im new to Canteen. my dad has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer and im finding it hard to concentrate on school work and i keep distancing myself from 'friends'. this is affecting me at school a lot and my grades have slipped more then i...
Life so far
Hi everyone, My nickname is lucylou but my real name is Lucy. I'm in year 12 this year. Near the end of November, 2016 when I was 14 years old my mum had a pain in her arm and a lump. She decided to go to the doctors for...
the irrefutable end
My Mum died on May 26th, 2018, early in the morning. 20 days after my last entry on here. I remember I had had a late night on the 25th watching some Netflix movie I didn't bother to remember. So about an hour and a half, after I fell...
Who Plays Games?
Completely out of the blue, because it is something I can relate to. Who plays games? which consoles do you prefer? What is your favourite game? do you play online? Do you wanna play games with me? Shoot me any questions and I'll do my best to answer....
Meet Us - We are the local leaders from Lake Macquarie, Central Coast and Newcastle.
Hi there, Welcome to the upside down, where 10 local leaders have experienced cancer in some way. We are here to share our wisdom, show support and give you an insight to the world of CanTeen. CanTeen is a youth lead community of members aged 12-25....
New Fun Stuff For Your Discussion Posts
Hi, here are some new things you can do in your posts. Firstly, you can @ other users - hi @hunnysoyboi and @MilliW ! You can also create hashtags to curate your own lists, e.g. #weekend #cutedogs #mypet etc, etc. Once you start typing a hashtag, the...
Anyone else falling back into bad habits after treatment was finished?
23 year old guy, I finished my treatment for AML Leukemia in February of this year. I was in hospital for around 20 days at a time for a total of 4 cycles of chemo. For the time i was stuck in hospital i was telling myself i would...
My Parents Cancer
Hi guys i'm new to Canteen and am still getting used to how to use it. My dad had skin cancer 2 years ago and my mum had skin cancer 3 years ago, no my mum has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and i don't know what grade...
Mum's That have died of Cancer Chat
Hi guys I'm Tarni and My mum passed away on the 14/2/17 it feels like it was only Yesterday but it obviously wasn't mum was diagnosed with brain cancer on the 28/3/16 and had brain surgery to remove her tumor when mum died she donated her brain to the...
How Do You Say Goodbye to the Most Important Woman in Your Life?
Hey Guys, my name is Bek, I'm 21 years old & I am a CanTeen member and part of the leadership team in the Sydney & Central Division. My story starts almost 22 years ago when my mum was pregnant with me. She found a skin cancer growth on...
My story
Hi, I am Emma. i have been a CanTeen member for a year and a bit, 12 years after I was diagnosed in 2007 with Medulloblastoma ( Brain Cancer). Prior to my diagnosis I was 7 years old and was doing well at school, had a supportive group of...
How you coped with the loss of a parent.
ive just lost my mother over a week ago and had the funeral 3 days ago and honestly i dont know what to do. I am trying to be happy but when I do I feel guilty. To those who have lost a parent how did you cope the...
Mum/Dad has cancer
My Dad has cancer
Come make friends
Hey I’m tianna. I’m new to canteen, actually I only signed up today. I’m 18 and my mum has been diagnosed with grad 2/3 breast cancer. Nice to meet you
chatting about my experiaance
hey im summah i was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 7 at that age i didnt realy understand what cancer was. but now i do i started treatment in my early years of life but then had to stop because i was getting realy sick the docters...
I was wondering, since I have no friends who share the same interest in music as me, if anyone likes any artists like Joni Mitchell, Greta Van Fleet, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Crosby Still Nash & Young, John Denver, The Beatles, Fleetwood mac, Fairport...
My dad has cancer
Hi my name is Emily and my dad is diagnosed with cancer , just a few days ago, I was told that his cancer can't be cured and that he may have 2 years left. The support from my friends has been great but thay don't understand what I'm...