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Introduce yourself
Welcome to CanTeen Connect! No-one knows more about what dealing with cancer is like than someone who's been there and done it. So it'd be great if you could tell us a bit about you and your experiences...
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NEXT WEEK! Join us! Online Sibling Groups: Tue 10th + Thurs 12th Dec
Did you join Canteen because your sibling has been diagnosed with and/or experienced cancer? Read on to find out about a session we are running next week that you can join from the COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME?! So why are we doing this online drop in? don't...
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The best movie to watch on a 'sick day' is...
Hey Connect champions, just a short and sharp discussion starter today... What's your go-to 'sick-day' movie? You know, that one you watch over and over when you're unwell, tired, overwhelmed etc, and it makes you feel comfy? Maybe it's changed over teen...
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Head coverings for hair loss - recommendations wanted!
Hi Connect crew! I got a question from a young person today living in QLD who has lost their hair to chemo. They are looking for a head covering that is - and this is key - stylish! So far everything they've found looks like it was designed for...
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Talking about the end
Just a random comment. I find it really helpful the way people on here are so open about talking about the loss of their loved ones. My dad has cancer and although we haven’t yet been told that all treatment options have running out, we know it’s only a...
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WA Summer Super Heroes Camp ( 29th of Jan - 31st of Jan) - WHO'S GOING?!?
The latest and greatest camp open to all West Aussie members is the Summer Super Heroes Camp. Have you registered your interest yet? This will be my first camp ever and I am super pumped! You can find more info on the events page - but be quick,...
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My dad's grief is suffocating over a year after my mum passed
My mum passed from late stage aggressive cancer in September 2018. It's been a tough year and a bit, but I'm slowly getting back to my old self. I'm travelling, enjoying uni and expanding my horizons - as my mum would have wanted. A huge part of why I...
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Any musicians in here?
Hi all, I’ve always had music around me during treatment thanks to guitar hero and singstar but I didn’t really pick up an instrument til 4 years after being diagnosed with Brain Cancer. I don’t know what made me choose this instrument? It might be I it...
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Help finish my Summer playlist
Summer officially starts tomorrow and I haven't finished making my playlist. Help me out and drop some suggestions down below
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Is this also an App?
Is there an app version of this
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When sleeping is deadly
My mother passed away in her sleep at 3 am, it was hard and I didn't know how to react to the fact that the person who I took care of like they were my child died with out me saying how much I love them. Yes when I...
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Beauty talk
Hey y'all my name's Janine and I was recently diagnosed with osteosarcoma in July and had been doing two rounds of chemo before surgery. ( I've done surgery to remove the tumor/put in steel/prosthetics now lol still recovering). Anyway my question to you...
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My Lymphoma story
At the age of 15 I was diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkin's Lymphoma. We had been going to the doctors for about a month due to this weird lump that only kept growing bigger and bigger on the left side of my neck. Then another one started growing on...
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Happy Turkey Day (Thanksgiving) & Gratitude
Hi all, So I'm normally a bit of a scrooge for American traditions...I'm not really into Halloween, I have no plans to put up an elf-on-a-shelf, but Thanksgiving I don't mind so much. I don't know anything really about the history behind Thanksgiving, I...
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Hospital Life... what do you pack?
Hey legends, Cara from the online team here... posting again on a Friday :) I've been having some convos lately about hospitals, and the weird-alien-land they sometimes feel like. Interesting smells, cafeteria food, waiting rooms with uncomfy, angular in...
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pls who has my cancer? :)))
Hi all, I was wondering if anyone who has/ had a rare cancer and wants to connect with others who have that same type of cancer? I was diagnosed with an epithelioid sarcoma and i can find NO ONE with it :(((( (sad) If you have this cancer and...
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How can I cope with losing a parent?
If you wish not to read the backstory skip to the title "So how do i cope?" also i am sorry if i have posted this in the wrong place? About my dad's cancer About a month ago now my father was diagnosed with a brain tumour. He underwent...
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Cancer and Tattoos... share you ink (or your inky plans)
Hey crew, Cara here from the Online team... happy Friday! So a lil while back in Newcastle NSW, we had an exhibition at one of our hospitals (organised by the Youth Cancer Service), showcasing some of the tattoos young people had done to signify their up...
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Family life
How do you cope with a parents new partner, my dad is away nearly every weekend with his partner and lm left alone. Any suggestions to keep positive about the situation?
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Telling people: bad reactions
Every time somebody sees my mum, I have to explain about her cancer. it always goes something along the lines of ‘why does your mum have a cancer hat?’, ‘why is she bald ?’ Or just straight up ‘ does your mum have cancer ?’ Followed by either pity,...